Wednesday, February 2, 2011


AGAIN a holiday has sneaked up on me from somewhere in the Korean calendar I didn't know was significant. This time it's Seolall -- the Korean new year. It's the year of the rabbit. And I'm a rabbit. It means you are supposed to be lucky and smart. Apparently it is the best animal to be. I'm supposed to stay away from boars at all costs. I think.

 Three weekdays lie free before me. The last one is accounted for. The rest, not yet. Like Chuseok, Seolall is all about family. People in the cities clear out to the countryside and visit family and eat and remember the dead. Everyone I know seems to be gone. It is a holiday that doesn't affect the average westerner apart from the time off. And so I'm sitting and waiting. Waiting for what, I don't yet know.

Waiting to think, probably. Spring is here now. The ice is turning to slush. The new year has come again. Twice in just over four weeks. 

Time to make a whole new set of resolutions.

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  1. How're ya doin!

    Just wanted to say that I have loved reading through your blog! My wife and I leave Belfast to head over to Korea on the 17th of this month to start a year's teaching.

    These unknown/hidden-from-non-native holidays seem to appear everywhere! While teaching out in Malawi, Africa, our Head Teacher appeared outside our door at 5.30am one Thursday morning to tell us that it was a holiday (Livingstone's Day) and we didn't have to come into school. It was much appreciated but the 5.30am visit wasn't!

    All the best,