Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sweet like chocolate

SO TODAY is Pepero Day, one of four, yes four, romantically-themed days in Korea. If Valentine's doesn't get you, there's White Day -- which is when girls are supposed to gives gifts to their men -- and if you escape that there's Christmas Day, which is more about dating than family.

Pepero Day, though, is when guys are supposed to buy their ladies Pepero -- a type of chocolate-covered stick-shaped biscuit -- and other sweet treats. If you think Hallmark is bad, well, this day was invented by a biscuit company. Sweet indeed.

Make no mistake, the day is well adhered to. The streets are thronged with couples on this day, and the shops full of displays to remind the most forgetful of men.

Happily, this lonely traveller got his Pepero today. The company gave them out to everyone in the office. That's keeping up employee moral if I ever saw it - pity confectionery for singletons.

Who says money can't buy you love?

(Well, it can buy you a chocolate biscuit anyway)

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