Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Korean girl sells herself

THE TITLE got you reading, didn't it? But no, nothing like that. You should be ashamed. I mean a different kind of selling yourself. I was poking about cyberspace when this self-description from a girl on a Korean dating website caught my eye.

"hey~ guys *_*zz Let me introduce myseif. l am ***-**** Kim. l am a little short and fat now. l want to be taller and thinner. l jog every morning l'm not sure if l will be thinner than l was before. But l will try."

Awe-inspiring self-confidence indeed. The earnest "But I will try" part kind of breaks my heart. Poor girl - who, if you are wondering, doesn't seem remotely fat if her picture is anything to go by. Not by any Western standard anyway.

But I wonder what she's planning on doing to become taller? I haven't seen any racks on sale down at E-mart. . .

Not yet that is.

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