Monday, September 20, 2010

The Korean text-alanche

I RECEIVED the barrage of text messages below from a potential language exchange, all in the space of five minutes before I had replied to the first message.

"^^;; can u come in msn?"

"i'm not familiar with text in english"

"photo is important to meet together?^^ll" (I had asked could I see a photo of her earlier. Yes, yes, so I'm a lecherous pervert.)

"i don't care how you look like" (Oh, yes, and I watch French cinema for its captivating use of silence and monosyllabic, inconsequential dialogue.)

"i don't make a friend by their appearance" (I bet if I had an anus affixed to my forehead you'd reconsider that position.)

"i don't judge them by their appearance^^" (Really keen to drive this point home. I never doubted you for a second!)

"i add your address on my msn" (OK.)

"what brings you come to korea^^?" (Gimme a chance, woman! I only got your message three pokes of a hungry chopstick-wielding Korean ago!)

You have to admire the persistence -- even where persistence is not required whatsoever.

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