Thursday, September 2, 2010

Classifieds and being a woman for a day

I GOT the first text message in the morning while at work work. The texter in question had seen "my" ad in the classifieds of the Korea Herald. Ad, what ad? I didn't place an ad. I flicked to the relevant page. Sure enough, there was my number -- only it was printed below an advert from a "24-year-old girl looking for someone to play with". I'd been pranked.

I soon found out that one of the Canadian subeditors, who left the paper this week after some five years there, had placed an advert with my number as a joke some time back. Finally, it made yesterday's edition.

The texts kept coming after that. Some of those who contacted me were on the creepy side. Having explained to one texter that I wasn't in fact a girl looking for someone to "play with", I was accused of being a liar. Look at the classifieds page, I was told. Yes, buddy, I know, but I ain't no horny lady. Another was "looking for someone to play with too".

So far today I've gotten five responses. Five guys who had no idea what this "girl" looked like but were almost certainly looking for sex with "her" all the same. What they all illustrated is the fundamentally different way in which men and women see sex. There is no way the same ad with the word "man" in it would garner the same interest. Not a hope.

The reality is that us men need women far more than the other way around. For most women, sex is easily available -- so long as they aren't too discriminating about the who, why and how of it. In general, sex never has been, and never will be, as unattainable a pleasure for the fairer sex.

Needless to say, I got the girl in charge of the section to cancel the ad. A barrage of messages from horny men wasn't something I needed.

Although I am wondering would my Canadian friend appreciate some attention. Surely he wouldn't mind being some guys' "special" friend?

Now, where was that email address to the classifieds page. . .


  1. You've got some good stories here. I'll follow along.

  2. Excellent. Always to good have a fellow voyager in tow.