Friday, August 13, 2010

Text messages in the early hours

THE OTHER day I got a text message at 7.06am. That's the same 7.06 am when this blogger is usually very much asleep and dreaming of wonderful things. The message was from a girl who had contacted me earlier for a language exchange. It is not unusual to receive text messages at such horrifically early hours in Korea. But this was a new record, making texts I'd received before 9am from other people seem positively welcome.

For some unbeknown reason, Koreans -- or at least girls who do language exchanges -- apparently have no concept of what is an appropriate time to text someone. In my book, phones shouldn't ever beep or buzz before noon - unless there is good reason.

But in Korea, a Saturday morning's glorious slumber will often be interrupted with insightful messages like:

"Are you awake?"

I am now, yes. Thanks for asking.

"It is humid today."

Oh is it? Thanks for the weather update.

"Good morning kind men."


It is truly strange. But it surely explains one thing about Korea: why everyone is so tired all of the time.

No wonder so many Koreans sleep on the subway.

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