Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Possibly the best quote ever from a public figure

WE ALL need a good laugh sometimes. Whether it's global warming, AIDs, sex offenders or swine flu (aren't we all supposed to have that by now?), one would be forgiven for thinking the human race is on the verge of extinction.

Some people bring a smile to their face with a stiff drink or by renting "Anchorman" for the dozenth time. Me, I like to read the Korea Herald for quotes from Korean public figures. Take today's edition, which features a story on a Mr. Jo Hyun-oh, the nominee for the job of commissioner of the Korean police force. Referring to the police response to protests in 2008 against U.S. beef imports, he said this:

“Nobody has died from a water canon shot,” the then-Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Chief said in a lecture for police officials.

“It may even give a pleasant winter-like chill in summertime, when appropriately mixed with tear gas.”

Wow. That's the kind of guy you want running the police. "Pleasant winter-like chill" - marvelous. I can see the Korean tourist board adverts already: pretty young models in bikinis frolic in the refreshing spray of a police water canon, welcome relief from the sweltering summer heat.

"Does your fair skin mean that Korean summers are just too hot to handle? Well worry no more! Thanks to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, you too can now bask in the pleasant winter-like chill of a police water canon! And for limited time we will throw in an appropriate mix of tear gas absolutely free!

Book now for our full police brutality package! Our retractable baton back massage and pepper spray face exfoliation are guaranteed to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed!"

Honestly, with public figures like these, who needs "Anchorman"?

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  1. Brilliant.
    Possibly the best blog I've ever read.