Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Annoyed reader" replies

"ANNOYED READER"/Mr. Kim replied the following to my reply the other day (his name is 'X'-ed out).

Dear John,

I'd appreciate your quick e-mail.
You are the first reporter to reply to me. You won the jackpot. Congratulation !!
I'd apologize my prejudice that your are a Korean.
Since I got connection at The Herald, I will continue my comments with you and your colleagues.
Hopely, the other reporters show the courtesy like the one you have.

Enjoy the sizzling Seoul Summer
P.s. Mr. Kim(my father) passed away 3 years ago. Your email delivered to the ghost.
We go by 'XXXX' and 'XXXXXX', if you don't mind.
For all his English prowess, he clearly has a feeble grasp of sarcasm. I wonder, though: just what sort of "jackpot" am I supposed to have won?

If a lottery win grants you an email from a stranger, I'm happy I saved my €2 coins down through the years, frankly.

The completely unasked for information about his deceased father was nice, though. But what is this "we" business? Is he schizophrenic? I hope he doesn't know where the office is. . .

If I wake up in a bath tub of ice with a number to the hospital written on my arm in felt tip maker in the next week or so, I'll be none too be pleased.

Although, I wonder if you can get a Pulitzer for vital organs lost in the line of duty?

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