Friday, July 16, 2010

Korean women

OK, SO this where the pervert westerner expounds on the delights of oriental women, I hear you sigh. Cynics, the lot of you.

Actually, I just want to make some interesting observations about Korean ladies, and some of the differences between them and the lovely lasses back in Ireland. Something that struck me straight away upon arriving here was how well Korean women dress. In fact, they are without doubt some of the most attractive and well-presented women I have seen anywhere.

I'm constantly astounded by the effort that these women go to to look good. Even during the day, short skirts and high heels are practically as standard. And looking good often goes beyond just clothes and makeup. One BBC report from a few years back suggested that over 50 per cent of Korean women in their 20s have had some form of cosmetic surgery - a truly astounding figure. By far the most common procedure involves adding a fold to the eyelid, giving the patient bigger - and more western-looking - eyes. Nose and boob jobs are also popular.

Then there is the fact that there are simply no fat people in Korea. Well, actually, they are about 11 - and I'm one of them. Presumably, with the likes of McDonald's and Dunkin' Donuts infiltrating every corner this is beginning to change, but, for the moment at least, rates of obesity just don't compare with those in the West.

Something else I've noticed is that - forgive me girls - Korean women seem to be just a little bit more vain than, say, Irish women. On the subway, you will typically see girls fixing their hair and make up in the carriage windows. In the subway stations themselves, there are mirrors on the walls by the ticket stiles. Even many of the mobile phones here have mirrors on the back.

The very funny cartoon at the top of this post by Luke Martin of Groove Korea magazine, an expat mag here, on the key difference between western and Korean women says more than words ever could.

Of course, when you are hot you can typically get away with blue murder. Much to my amusement, you often see guys carrying around their girlfriend's handbags. This, to me, is more than a little bit emasculating (not that I wouldn't do the very same in a heartbeat if I was asked to - oh we are a weak bunch, us men).

But, as a pervert westerner, it is difficult to have to much of a problem with women putting effort into their appearance. The only problem is really if they expect a comparable effort from men. Because, where I come from, a shower, clean T-shirt and a lick of hair gel indicates that a man has put serious work into his appearance.

And this old dog is too old to be learning new tricks.

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  1. I think I like a world where half of the women aren't crazy enough to let people have a go at them with scalpels simply to look better. Maybe I'm just boring and irish though.